the Strength, Wisdom and


of Women Over 50


About Me

Hello! I am Amy Jo Ryan, and I am a Riverside, CA native, a single mother, and a woman over 50 on a mission to help other women over 50 see the beauty that each one of them possesses. 

I have spent many years in photography, creating portraits, headshots, personal branding photos and product photos. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, professional models, actors, business owners and families, and I would be truly honored to give you gorgeous portraits that you will love!

My Mission

A few years ago, I turned 50 and I realized something not only about myself but about other women as well: we often fade into the background and are, in many cases, underestimated. In the years that I have been a photographer, I have seen so many beautiful women over 50 shy away from my camera. I have always thought this was a real shame because there is something remarkable about a woman who, like myself, is over 50. 

My mission is to tell women’s unique stories through gorgeous portraits that will highlight how beautiful each woman is, inside and out.

The Experience

I strive to give you a complete luxury portrait experience. Here is what you will recieve when you book your "Fabulous Over 50" portrait session:

Initial Consultation

We will meet in person or on a Zoom call to go over all the details of your photo shoot right down to what you should wear, to create your dream photo shoot.

Complete Hair and Makeup

I work with some of the best hair and makeup artists in the Inland Empire. You will look and feel amazing for your photos.

The Photo Shoot

Many women are a bit nervous about this part, but don't be! I will be there every step of the way to tell you exactly how to pose to make you look your very best.

Your Portraits

My "Fabulous Over 50" promotion comes with one complimentary photo of your choice. But if I did my job right, you will love your photos so much, you will want more! In that case, I have a variety of portrait packages starting at $875.

beautiful portrait of a glamorous older woman

The Promotion


The 50 Over 50 PROJECT special promotion package is $249

(Regular price = $590.00)


  • INITIAL CONSULTATION – In the initial consultation we will discuss your story and your unique vision for the shoot. 

  • WARDROBE CONSULTATION – A few weeks before your session, we will meet over Zoom to go over any outfits that you are considering for your shoot, and choose the best ones to fit your vision.

  • HAIR & MAKEUP – The day of the shoot, you will receive professional hair styling with one of the Inland Empire’s top hair and makeup artists.

  • LUXURY PHOTOSHOOT  – This is the fun part! I will use my years of portrait experience to skillfully guide you through each pose. Your session will unveil your true beauty and allow you to see yourself as the world truly sees you.

  • PORTRAIT OF YOUR CHOICE – You will receive one 5×7 portrait of your choice, matted and ready for framing (a $175 value).

  • VIDEO INTERVIEW: I will ask you questions about how you feel after turning 50, 60 or 70+. What do age and beauty mean to you? How have you learned to embrace yourself in each stage of your life? This interview will be featured on my website and my social media platforms so other women can be inspired by your story.

  • REVEAL– Three weeks after your session, you will view your top images from your session. You will then choose your complimentary digital image. But, you may just love your photos so much, you will want them all! If so, you can purchase them separately or in a package.

    My photo package prices start at $875 for 6 5×7 matted images, and go up from there.

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