As a woman who is over 50 myself, I have come to understand that portrait photography is a powerful tool that can help women of all ages celebrate their beauty and tell their stories. But I have also come to understand that it’s sometimes very difficult to get older women to see themselves as deserving of having their photo taken. For almost 15 years I worked in an office environment taking photos of corporate events. You would be surprised (or maybe not) at how many older women would come up to me and request that I try not to get them in any photos. It’s so disheartening, because these were women I had come to know and admire as beautiful women inside and out even if they didn’t see themselves that way. 

This is why when I started my portrait photography business, one of my first missions was to create a promotion where I could both promote my new business to people here in my hometown of Riverside, California, but also to showcase older women. Portrait photography is so vitally important to women over 50! Why? Well here are just a few reasons.

First and foremost, portrait photography is a way to celebrate and honor the unique beauty of older women. In a society that often values youth and beauty above all else, portrait photography allows women over 50 to see themselves in a new light and feel proud of who they are. A skilled photographer can capture the essence of a person, showcasing the wisdom, grace, and resilience that comes with age. This can be a transformative experience, allowing women over 50 to see themselves as beautiful, valuable, and worthy of celebration.

Moreover, portrait photography is a way to capture and preserve memories. As we age, our lives become increasingly rich and full, with a wealth of experiences, relationships, and stories to tell. Portrait photography allows women over 50 to capture these memories and tell their stories in a powerful and meaningful way. Whether it’s a portrait with a beloved pet, a family portrait with children and grandchildren, or a portrait that captures a special moment in time, portrait photography allows women over 50 to create lasting memories that can be treasured for generations to come.

In addition, portrait photography is a way to empower women over 50 to take up space and be unapologetically themselves. Society often tells older women to be quiet, invisible, and unassuming. However, portrait photography can help women over 50 feel confident and proud of who they are, encouraging them to step out into the world and claim their place. This can be a powerful and transformative experience, empowering women over 50 to live their lives to the fullest.

Finally, portrait photography is a way to break down stereotypes and challenge the narrative of aging. Society often tells us that as we age, our value and worth diminishes. However, portrait photography allows women over 50 to challenge this narrative and show that beauty and value come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. By showcasing the beauty, wisdom, and resilience of older women, portrait photography can help to shift the cultural narrative around aging and empower women to embrace their age with pride and confidence.

All of this is exactly why I created my “Fabulous After 50” promotion. I want to show women over 50…women just like me… that a photoshoot with AJ Ryan Photography can make them feel confident and beautiful at any age. Click Here to learn more about this promotion! At AJ Ryan Photography, we believe that every woman over 50 deserves to see themselves in a new light and feel proud of who they are. Contact us today to schedule your portrait session and start celebrating your unique beauty and story


beautiful portrait of a glamorous older woman