Should You Wait on a Personal Branding Photoshoot Until After You Lose Weight?

Did you know that January 11th is National “Take the Stairs” Day? There’s plenty of good reasons to make the healthier choice to take the stairs, but your upcoming photoshoot should not be one of them!

When it comes to portrait photography, one of the most common concerns that people have is their weight. Many people feel pressure to lose weight before a photo shoot, in order to present their best selves in the images. However, this is a concern that can actually do more harm than good.

Putting pressure on yourself to lose weight before a photo shoot can actually make you feel more self-conscious and less confident during the shoot itself. This can show in your body language and facial expressions, and can result in images that don’t truly capture the essence of who you are.

Think about this: have you ever looked at a photo of a loved one and thought “I wish they would have lost weight before they took this photo”? The answer is most likely no. You’re looking at the photo and seeing them as they are or were, and loving the photo just because it’s a photo of someone you love. Your photos will give your loved ones the same pleasure someday, regardless of how much you weighed when the photo was taken.

When you work with a professional photographer, they know how to take great portraits that flatter your features, no matter what your weight is. They will make sure to choose the right lighting, angles, and poses to create images that truly showcase your unique qualities, and not just focus on your weight.

The key is to focus on feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. Remember that photography is about capturing a moment in time, and showcasing your unique qualities, not just about how you look. So, instead of worrying about losing weight before a photo shoot, focus on being yourself, and the results will speak for themselves.

Sally Watson

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